Left to right: Hurricane, TJ, Peanut, and Lynsey

I met my husband, TJ, twelve years ago. He had been my best friend's flight instructor the previous semester at the University of North Dakota, where I was majoring in English. My original plans were to start out teaching in a smaller town near one of the "big four" cities in North Dakota and eventually work my way into one of the "big four" cities. I never imagined anything like what actually happened.

About a week after our first date, TJ received an invitation to interview with an airline in Atlanta once he had a few more flight hours. By the time he got the hours in and scheduled his interview, we were serious enough to know we weren't ready to break up over a little bit (or a lot of) distance. He received a job offer and left about three weeks later.

I was desperate to find some information, some kind of community to help me understand what my life would be like. I felt really lost and clueless. I found some inconvenient message boards, and eventually got plugged into some Facebook groups. However, I never really found what I really needed: an accurate, clear picture of daily life for a pilot partner/family, with a good dose of helpful information about this lifestyle.

So, thirteen years in, I've decided to start the kind of blog I wanted to see when I was new to the aviation lifestyle. I'll be sharing a lot of tips and advice I've picked up over the years, but this is primarily going to be a personal/lifestyle blog focused on our home and family life. We face some unique challenges in dealing with airline schedules, and our situation is a little tougher right now because we are coming up on the end* of a very chaotic three years. Right now, we are doing a lot of hard work in the areas of setting up a routine, organizing our home, and just generally getting life back on track after feeling like we could barely come up for air.

*Stay tuned for more about this - it is enough for a completely separate blog post!


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