Peanut is One!

My younger son, affectionately referred to on the blog as Peanut, turned one in early March. At the end of February, my friend Fishy and her husband visited from Detroit. Fishy is a pilot, but she is also an incredible photographer who is always ready to do a session. She suggested doing a smash cake session during her visit. We picked the most "smashworthy" cupcake we could find at Hy-Vee. We happened to have a cloth diaper that matched perfectly, so we pulled out the insert and put it on over his disposable diaper (we had high hopes of cloth diapering with Hurricane, but it didn't work out, and we never even tried with Peanut).

Whoops! What did I just do?

It took a little time for him to really get into it. He's my more cautious, mellow child, so I don't think he was quite sure what to think of the cupcake. And, I'm sure, to him, it didn't really look like food. It probably looked more like a toy. However, once he started investigating, he found that he really loves frosting! He developed a bit of a blue beard by the end. Within five minutes, the cake was destroyed, and we promptly carried Peanut up to take a shower with Daddy (because we knew the bath tub was just going to be a sea of blue after his adventure). 

Mommy! What is this blue stuff and why have you been hiding it for the past year?

Oh little Peanut, how we love you so!

You are the greatest blessing your daddy, brother, and I ever could have imagined. You are the most easy going baby ever - though you do have a pretty extreme sense of "stranger danger" right now that makes you a bit less social with new people. You definitely prefer Mommy over everyone else right now, and amazingly, you are still nursing at nearly 13 months old. You currently eat as much or more than your big brother at most meals, and sometimes, you even out eat me and Daddy! You're finally interested in sippy cups now that I've found some made by your favorite pacifier company, and cold water is something that seems to bring you great joy while you're teething.

You currently have six teeth, which all seemed to come in a quick succession that didn't bother you very much. You definitely had your miserable moments, but it wasn't the teething experience I was expecting. You seem to be able to roll with just about anything that comes your way, and I hope you are always able to keep that quality as you grow. You rarely fuss when you fall down as you try to toddle about. You constantly get back up again and again and again.

Having you with us has brought out some of the most amazing qualities in your big brother. Hurricane has displayed love, compassion, and concern for you in ways I had never seen him express emotion before. We knew he would love you - he was obsessed with your cousin when she was born! What we didn't expect was how much you would love him! You want to be with him all the time, and your face lights up when you see him. You two play together well already, and love being together. In the times when Hurricane isn't around, we have noticed you're not quite the same. I hope this bond is always at least as strong as it is now.

Oh Peanut, it's been an amazing year. I can't wait to see what's next.



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