#100DayProject + Year 2

Today is day one of the 100 day project.

Some people do creative activities, like sketching a portrait or sewing a quilt square each day. I'm planning to write for thirty minutes every single day. I'll be catching up on my sons' journals, my personal journals, and working a bit on a side project I've been mulling for about a year already. And of course, I'll be writing content for my blog. I likely won't be posting daily, but I'll definitely be working on upcoming posts.

In other news...

Today is a pretty significant day in our lives. My husband officially began his second year at his airline. He's now off probation and paid at a significantly higher hourly rate, so a lot of stress is suddenly off our shoulders right now. His job is secure. We are unlikely to ever go through the new hire process ever again. We likely won't have to take a major pay cut just so my husband can progress in his career.

It's such a good feeling to know that the toughest parts of his career are behind us. He spent the first 11 years in aviation working for two different airlines, so it's mind boggling for us to think that he will spend 29 years at his final airline. All we have been through so far was simply the first quarter of his career! The final three-quarters will be spent at the airline he dreamed of working at since he was a child.

I suppose you can imagine, we're both feeling pretty blessed today.


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