Holding Pattern...

As has been the theme of my life since I started this blog in January, things are not going as planned. We all got sick last week, right in the middle of the polar vortex. The kids and I are much better
So, we are in a bit of a holding pattern until we know if he is going to work or not this week. TJ? Not so much. He was diagnosed with a sinus infection today.

Once I know what he is doing, I can plan out the rest of my week. Having him around usually means I need to make a few changes to my plans. I tend to make a lot of healthy microwave meals for myself while he's gone and give Hurricane plates of finger foods that I know he will eat. When TJ is home, we usually make a full dinner each night and either freeze the leftovers for his meals or use them for lunch the following day. Along with cooking those full meals, I usually need to make a bigger grocery run to pick up ingredients. I can also plan to tackle bigger organizing and cleaning projects when I know I have a second adult around.

So, I've got my Plan A for the week, and I've got my Plan B. Now I just need to see how well my husband is going to get and how quickly he will get there.


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