Left to right: Hurricane, TJ, Peanut, and Lynsey

I met my husband, TJ, twelve years ago. He had been my best friend's flight instructor the previous semester at the University of North Dakota, where I was majoring in English. My original plans were to start out teaching in a smaller town near one of the "big four" cities in North Dakota and eventually work my way into one of the "big four" cities. I never imagined anything like what actually happened.

About a week after our first date, TJ received an invitation to interview with an airline in Atlanta once he had a few more flight hours. By the time he got the hours in and scheduled his interview, we were serious enough to know we weren't ready to break up over a little bit (or a lot of) distance. He received a job offer and left about three weeks later.

I was desperate to find some information, some kind of community to help me understand what my life would be like. I felt really lost and clueless. I found some inconvenient message boards, and eventually got plugged into some Facebook groups. However, I never really found what I really needed: an accurate, clear picture of daily life for a pilot partner/family, with a good dose of helpful information about this lifestyle.

So, twelve years in, I've decided to start the kind of blog I wanted to see when I was new to the aviation lifestyle. I'll be sharing a lot of tips and advice I've picked up over the years, but this is primarily going to be a personal/lifestyle blog focused on our home and family life. We face some unique challenges in dealing with airline schedules, and our situation is a little tougher right now because we are coming up on the end* of a very chaotic two years. Right now, we are doing a lot of hard work in the areas of setting up a routine, organizing our home, and just generally getting life back on track after feeling like we could barely come up for air.

I'll be sharing new posts on most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to start. This first month will feature a lot of our backstory, and then I'll start a more regular post schedule in February. On Mondays, I'll be posting my weekly meal plans and goals. Since these are probably going to be fairly short posts, I'll likely be including some short, fun facts on these posts as well.

I'll be back on Monday to share my packing spreadsheet and my plans for the second full week of the year.

*Stay tuned for more about this - it is enough for a completely separate blog post!


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