This week's plans (and an update on last week)

Last week did not go as planned. My husband was amazing and watched the boys a lot so I could take care of some big stuff - like a $300 shopping to restock groceries and diapers and a long nap to catch up on sleep after a rough week with Peanut not sleeping well (he refuses bottles or sippy cups, which means it's totally up to me to provide milk). So, when my husband asked me to redirect my efforts to our loft area, I gladly obliged and spent most of the week working in there. 

We thought this would be a one day task. It ended up taking me about seven hours, total, to unpack the remaining boxes, sort through them, and put things in the appropriate place (including the trash). 

Between things TJ had to do, things the kids needed from me and only me, and other things I had to get done, these seven hours of work happened over a four day span. 

Another thing that didn't happen? Sticking to my meal plan for the week.

I just plain forgot about putting one meal in the crockpot. Then, I discovered we were out of liners, so we decided not to make the second crockpot meal. I had trouble finding bok choy and needed to visit three grocery stores before I finally did find it. 

So, for this upcoming week, I'm taking a far more flexible approach to everything. My goal tasks are smaller projects that really shouldn't take me an entire day to complete. Ideally, each one will take under two hours, factoring in the many interruptions I'm anticipating. 

There's no grand meal plan this week. TJ confessed that he loves it when I order Blue Apron meals because there's no planning or shopping necessary for dinner - we just pick our meals about a week in advance and unpack everything when it arrives. So, I opted in for this coming week again. We haven't had a delivery since October or November, so I had honestly kind of forgotten about them! For February, their delivery days for our zip code do not match neatly with TJ's schedule, so we are going to be taking advantage of an offer with Hello Fresh instead. 

Our lunches are pretty standard around here, whether TJ is around or not. We don't make a big meal because it's just one or two adults eating it. Hurricane eats regular meals, but he is pretty picky, so he usually picks his own lunch of simple items like apple sauce, a tortilla with peanut butter, and a cheese stick. He isn't a big fan of meat or vegetables right now, but he will often eat carrots and cooked, heavily seasoned vegetables. As long as he has most of the food groups covered for each meal, I am happy to let him choose. 

The small tasks for this week are all things I've been putting off for a long time. I did a reverse advent calendar this past December in which I added a food item to a box each day of Advent. However, we went out of town on December 20, so it wasn't quite finished or ready to drop off. I've decided I'm going to double check that everything already in the box is still good and then round it out to one item for each day the government has been shutdown. I'll drop it off at a food pantry that I know is helping federal employees who are furloughed or working without pay right now (more than a dozen of our friends work for the FAA or TSA, so I'm seeing an up close and personal look at how hard it is for them to not only make ends meet but find places willing to help them through this). 

I'm also hoping to donate quite a bit of outerwear to the same organization when I drop off the food. I have coats I haven't been able to wear since before my first baby. Someone else can definitely be using them, rather than having them sit in my closet waiting for me to lose enough weight to fit into them (which, in all honestly, will probably never happen). 

And somewhere in the midst of all that, I'm going to take more time this week to work on the blog. I'll be sharing the full story of how we met, fell in love, and stayed together through years of living half a country apart, three cross country moves, three airlines, two kids, three cats, and nearly ten years of marriage. I think this will be a two or three part series, so stay tuned for that to begin later this week!


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