My Packing Spreadsheet + Week 2 Plans

Hello again!

I'm back today with something I know a few people have been anxiously awaiting: my packing spreadsheet.

Last month, we spent ten days at my parents' ranch. In the days before we left, I had a lot to do and felt completely overwhelmed. My husband asked if he could help pack, and I was grateful for the help. However, it was hard for me to get my work completed because he constantly had to stop and ask me how many shirts or diapers or pants each of the kids needed. I ended up just packing on my own and staying up until midnight wrapping presents the night before we had to leave.

It dawned on me eventually that I already used a formula to figure out how much of each item to pack, so I could easily plug those formulas into a spreadsheet and have it all calculate for me! I created it in a burst of inspiration at 4:30 a.m. while nursing the baby the night before we were set to return to our house. It didn't really help me at that point since I needed to just bring everything back, but it will be a valuable tool for future trips.

I've created a second, clean copy that can be accessed here. You will need to make a copy to your own Google account or save to your computer to open in Excel. I've included a set of instructions and my list of formulas in a document available here. If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and I'll do a follow up post soon addressing any questions or issues you may have.

We are doing our best to avoid eating out this month after a friend with no spouse and no children pointed out to us that he saves around $600 a month by cooking all his own food each January. So, I'm making a point to meal plan realistically this year. TJ is home for most of this week, so we will be cooking a lot. He will take a lot of the leftovers on the road, or we will use them for lunches during the week. A few of these are super simple meals using ingredients we normally have on hand or items from a grocery store that we just need to stick in the oven. Two of the recipes are from SkinnyTaste, my absolute favorite recipe website. Another is from Six Sisters' Stuff, a website I've always heard good things about but have never spent a lot of time digging through. 

With TJ home most of the week, we are planning to tackle some big projects. This week's goals mostly center on reigning in some of the most cluttered spots in our house. My closet and our master bedroom and bathroom need a lot of work. Everything just sort of got dumped there when we moved in. Peanut was born just six hours before we closed on the house, so there's a mess of maternity clothes that didn't fit me when we moved in, maternity clothes I wore for the first couple months postpartum, plus a lot of stuff in the ranges of sizes I was in the year or two before I got pregnant and the past ten months (I have purchased the exact same pair of jeans from Target three times since Apri, in three different sizes, as I lost baby weight along the way). It started out with well-meaning helpers placing things where ever they thought was best and morphed into clutter just continuing to build around the boxes that didn't need to be unpacked. So, this week, we're pulling everything out and starting with a blank slate.

Here's to a new week and fresh starts!


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