Currently: January 2019

I love looking back at how things change over time, especially the things I can easily see changing in my own life. One way I enjoy tracking those changes is by answering the same prompts on regular basis. You can expect to see me answer this same set of prompts around the middle of the month throughout 2019. Usually, I'll be combining it with my Monday posts that lay out our weekly meal plan and organizing plans.


Reading: A lot of recipes

Playing: Catching up after a week of dealing with a sick baby

Watching: Sex Education on Netflix

Trying: To cull through the huge collection of items I've amassed over six years as a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant

Cooking: Greek Turkey Meatballs (well, not at this moment, but it's on the list for today)

Eating: A lot of candy that we got for Christmas

Calling: No one. I don't even know if my phone does that! Just kidding, I do talk to my husband when he travels, but otherwise, most of my communication is via text or FaceTime.

Texting: Rachel, my BFF for life.

Pinning: Healthy-ish recipes for my family and Valentines Day ideas

Tweeting: Current events, I guess? My first inclination was to call it political stuff, but I don't think the views I'm expressing there are overwhelmingly particular to one party. It's mostly my displeasure about the current government shutdown.

Crafting: My personal brand

Scrapping: with the Project Life app for IOS

Doing: my best to organize and unpack the house this week

Going: On a quick grocery run this afternoon after two stores I visited a couple days ago were missing ingredients I need for this week

Loving: Our unseasonably warm winter here in Minnesota

Hating: How disorganized my house is!

Discovering: The joy in getting rid of things

Enjoying: A few moments of peace while everyone else is getting ready for the day

Thinking: About other things I should be doing right now.

Feeling: Guilty about the dozen or so Christmas cards that didn't get mailed yet!

Hoping: To tackle those this week when I get my desk re-organized again

Listening: To the sounds of my husband and kids as they get ready for the day

Celebrating: Sleeping in! The baby slept until 9 today!

Smelling: Nothing - and that is a good thing!

Thanking: God for putting some amazing people in my life over these past 18 months

Considering: Purchasing a deep freezer for our basement.

Finishing: Unpacking my loft area

Starting: To organize my bedroom


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